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Does 4K work over HDMI?

4K-HDMI 2.0You have your eyes on that beautiful 4K Monitor you saw at the store, but now you are wondering whether that beauty will work with the HDMI ports on your computer; will it even work with your existing HDMI cables? cables can be expensive, fortunately however not so expensive versions exist which you can buy,  they can be easily replaced. still what can you do about the HDMI ports? it’s not like you can just change them like you can do with your cables right?

Well in this article I have the answers you need, they are simple and straight to the point, so keep reading.

To answer the first question that brought you here quickly: Will  4K work over HDMI? the simple answer is: YES! but (there’s always a “but”Sad smile I know)  not on its first incarnation HDMI 1.0 that is, because of the high quality of the data transferred through the cables, 4K uses an insane amount of bandwidth, whence you will need HDMI 2.0 to be able to use 4K over it at its full glory, keep in mind you will need “High Speed” HDMI cables as well if you are existing cables are not.

Everything is not bad news though, you could even manage to connect a 4K monitor to your computer’s HDMI 1.0 port and it some cases (If the video card is fast enough to drive that beast of a monitor) you will be able get away with it, however keep in mind that the “refresh rate” factor will make your eyes bleed with that setup, unfortunately your monitor will only be able to run at a refresh rate of 30Hz, running on that configuration most certainly will make things on your screen look and feel slow or laggy, let alone playing games.

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Next version of RoboForm to support Microsoft Edge Browser

RoboForm remembers passwords so that you don't have to

If you are like me, you probably hate having to remember so many passwords these days, we have to remember our Windows computer’s password, our tablet’s password, our e-mail accounts passwords, our phone’s passwords, our work stations passwords and so on and so on… well you got the idea.

Luckily for us that’s when software programs such as “Siber Sytems’s RoboForm” or “LastPass” come to the rescue and help us live easier lives by offering us the ability to utilize all those countless login credentials with the click of the mouse or the touch of one finger without having to remember one single one of them.

Unfortunately not all browsers are supported by these programs. and with the ever increasing realm of different platforms and devices we find that every day new players come into place, this makes it difficult for companies such as Siber Systems (one of the major – if not the main software developer in this space) to support them all. one of the latest additions to the market; “Microsoft Edge”, (a.k. a Project Spartan) the soon to become Windows default browser is set to replace “Internet Explorer” and take the market by storm being that it will be integrated into “Windows 1o” Microsoft’s newest and greatest upcoming operating system, which according to many sources is expected to be released to manufacturers this July.  Set to be included and installed in every single Windows computer and Windows Mobile Tablet or phone to be sold in the next few years Edge will be the browser of choice for millions of people around the world and definitely one major player in the browser race , while others like me will probably switch to this new browser. therefore Siber System’s support for the upcoming browser is imperative if the company wants to keep their top dog position in the Password Manager space.

If you are a RoboForm user who loves to get the latest technologies and being on the cutting edge (No pun intended ) you might be wondering what’s the prognosis on RoboForm ever supporting Microsoft’s brand new browser,  well I’m pleased to announce that you may rejoice as support for Edge is going to happen for sure. I was informed today by the company that with the release of RoboForm’s new version we would be hearing news on the matter, according to them (and I quote): 

Regarding the new Spartan/Edge browser, we need more time for testing RoboForm with it. Certainly we will inform about the new browser support in the release notes of the new RoboForm version when it will be available.

So there you have it, Siber Systems is already testing Edge and we can rest assured that support for it will be coming sometime soon.

Now when exactly this new version release becomes available is still unknown, also taking into consideration that the last major new version release of the software came to light in 2011 with version 7 (despite many smaller version build numbers releases and updates coming out afterwards of course), I would imagine we shouldn’t have to wait much longer than the end of this year for a new version to come out, do you have any ideas of questions or newer information about the topic? please let me know by posting a comment below in this article.

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Spotify’s new black interface


SpotifyMain3Spotify  has been testing a new theme to its interface, a few days ago I had the opportunity download it and test it out, pretty much it is just that “a theme” nothing else, no major changes have been made to the interface, except for a few changes here and there, basically  I noticed how  they have tweaked things a little bit to make it look more modern, I noticed bigger artwork on the search results and artist pages and perhaps a cleaner look overall as it tends to show less information than it did before, it also blends better with Windows 8 modern GUI, so that’s a plus for me and I’m sure many other people will be pleased with this fact.

What’s most remarkable on the new version is the new dark theme and boy it is dark! so dark that it looks plain black in some places, along with the dark look there are bigger fonts too, the fonts are white throughout most of the GUI while showing a little tone of gray in other areas such as the main sidebar , this against the almost black background might not be of the liking of a few people, some will find it slightly hurting to the eyes.

Aside from the changes I refer to above there’s not much else besides perhaps a more social look, which I like, but I would prefer if the contrasts weren’t so pronounced in some places, maybe wider use of tones of gray in specific areas, then also why not give us the choice to pick which colors we want or an assortment of colors to pick from? I don’t think it would be so hard to implement.

I got my hands on this test version which still feels a little buggy and not as snappy as the regular official builds we are all used to, but this is of course to be expected as it is a test/beta version, it seems Spotify will soon be releasing this for everyone, though I’m sure a newer build vastly improved from this, as a matter of fact the rumor is that the company pulled this build and is no longer offering it to selected people as it has been for the past few weeks.

If you are interested in trying this build out, just reply here with your e-mail and I’ll send you a link to download the file.


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